Ant Petrof 136 Upright Piano

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The ANT. PETROF 136 is potentially a revolutionary instrument in the history of piano manufacture. Write history with us and allow yourself to be carried away by its grandiose yet unusually pleasing tone.

The ANT. PETROF 136 upright is the youngest family member. The original and unusually robust construction of the body gives the piano great solidity and guarantees the long-term stability of the instrument, especially in its tuning and action. These attributes are essential for achieving high quality performance., and contribute greatly to a player’s confidence. Its high acoustic capacity, the response of its action, its colourfulness across the whole tonal range and its characteristic romantic sound makes the piano similar in feel to a concert grand.


Weight   (kg) 320
Soundboard material solid resonance  spruce  wood
Soundboard area (m2) 1,5384 m2
Active soundboard area (m2) 1,2039
Ribs number, shape 11, asymetric
Soundboard construction wedgewise tapered   9 mm in upper section – 7 mm in lower section
Petrof sign on soundboard yes
Cast iron plate wet sand casting
Weight of cast iron plate (kg) 105
Iron frame-back frame screw yes
Petrof emblem on iron plate cast brass
Surfacing of iron plate light gold metallic paint, diamond effect
Pin block – material multiplex beech plywood, density 800 – 850 kg/m3
Wooden frame construction, material spruce wood, 4+2 posts
Cut off bar (corner cross rib) – material, number beech, 2
Cabinet material MDF, plywood, solidwood
Bridge – treble solid maple wood
Bridge – bass solid maple wood
Bridges – surfacing nitrocell. paint + graphit
Bridge pins steinless steel-ground tips
Agraffes material – number brass, 88
Strings – material steel wire Röslau Germany, copper winding Degen Germany
Hitching of plain strings double
Longest bass string  (mm) 1248
Dampers – number led-70
Action Renner-ANT. PETROF
Hammer heads Renner
Hammer heads number treble/bass 62/26
Hammer heads size treble/bass 72/65
Keyboard PETROF
Keyboard – material tangential sawn spruce wood,   individually balanced with lead
Keys balancing, touch weight 53g in bass – 51g in treble
Black keys ebony
Pedals     left – Half-blow pedal,     middle –  Muffler (moderator) pedal,     right – Sustein pedal
Castors     yes
Felts colour     red
Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech.     yes

Additional information

Dimensions 64.4 × 154.2 × 135.8 cm
What does it includes

1pc Adjustable Piano Bench, 1pc Piano Heater, 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty, 2pcs Piano Tunings within 1 Year, 1 Key Cloth, 1st Caster Cups, 1pc Piano Care Booklet, 1pc Delivery – Refer to Delivery Conditions

Delivery Conditions

1. Does not include delivery outside Klang Valley.
2. Strictly at ground level and/or without steps.

To inquire more about the surcharges for any of the above, please email us at for more information.

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