Piano Maintenance

We are not limited to our pianos only, from regular tuning, regulation, and voicing, we are proud to have served our valued clients, including many organizations and piano lovers.

Our qualified piano technicians tune regularly for concerts, rehearsals, churches, music colleges and universities, hotels, recording studios and in private homes.

Piano Tuning




Piano Repairs & Restorations

We repair and restore on any make of pianos. We use only the finest materials of what we find right here in our workshop.

Our repairs and restoration works include action overhauling and servicing, cabinet refurbishing and polyester touch-up, replace pin block, soundboard and bridge, restringing and so on.

Piano Recondition

Piano Restoration

Piano Rebuilding

Polyester Repair

Case Finish Repair

Player Piano Installations

Imagine your piano played by some of the greatest artist in the world. We are factory certified QRS installers of Pianomation Player Piano System (auto play) trained by QRS Music, based in Seneca, Pennsylvania, USA. The player piano system can be retrofitted to almost any used or new grand piano.

Player Piano System

Silent Piano System

Piano Moving

Unlike furniture, even the smallest piano (spinets) can weight more than 150kgs. Upright and grand pianos can weight from 180kgs to over 600kgs. While pianos are solidly built they are at the same time complex and fragile. Moving a piano requires an understanding of the techniques, proper equipment and strength.

To avoid injury to your piano and your home, it is best left to our professional piano movers. Besides, your piano is covered by insurance throughout its time.

Piano Moving

Piano Disposal

Piano Packing

We offer piano packing services for upright and grand pianos. Our packing cases are custom-built for pianos only. We offer two types of piano cases; carton box and wooden crate.

Piano storage in temperature and climate controlled environment is available upon request. We provide forwarding services for “sea freight and air freight” worldwide covering North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Piano Packing

Piano Unpacking

Piano Storage

Piano Rental

Need of a piano for examinations, competitions, concert recitals, corporate events or private parties!

We provide the highest level of performance pianos in a variety of sizes and brands from upright to Petrof concert grand.

Piano Rental