Antonín Petrof produced his first grand piano in 1864, thereby laying the foundations for the production of the masterly musical instruments of the PETROF brand. In the course of a few years he turned a small workshop into a successful factory, which stands in Hradec Králové in the heart of the Czech Republic and Europe to this day. The path among the leading European piano manufacturers, however, was not always rosy…

Yet despite this difficult path five generations of Petrofs have earned worldwide success. Their brilliantly pure, rich sound and excellent craftsmanship lend PETROF’s grand and upright pianos an unprecedented reputation. 80% of the production process lies in the hands of our skilled piano makers, intoners and tuners, whose rich experience we have accumulated over many decades. Every instrument that leaves our factory represents the good name of its builders.

Development activity at PETROF has a long tradition. In 1954 we founded our Department of Research and Development where we further perfect our instruments, and measure and fine tune every part of the piano that affects its acoustic properties. Our piano craftsmen hand down their skills from generation to generation, making PETROF one of the leading innovators in the piano making industry.

Today, the whole musical world knows the top quality instruments from the Hradec Králové factory. For this very reason PETROF has gained a host of awards – from the King George Medal of the London Exhibition, through the Grand Prix of Paris, Barcelona and Brussels, to the title “Family Silver“, and Czech Goodwill 2015. All instruments are also marked with the seal of European Excellence, which attests the European origin and the quality of the construction materials.

Our pianos are popular among musicians above all for their unusually soft, gentle, rounded and romantic tone. Over the decades of their production much has changed, but precise work by hand, careful selection of materials and the unchanging romantic sound endure. Countless famous performers and well-known personalities have fallen in love with PETROF instruments, and the representatives of the fifth generation proudly continue in their honorable trade and family tradition.

Currently, PETROF is the largest producer of acoustic grand and upright pianos in Europe. It trades in 5 continents and exports to over 65 countries the world over. Since 1864, when Antonín Petrof built his first piano, we have produced under the PETROF name roughly 630,000 instruments and many others within the PETROF Brand Family.

  • World’s No. 1 Selling European Made Piano
  • 100% European components
  • 80% of the production processes made by hand
  • 70% components are made by Petrof
  • Instrument with a strong history, 5th Generation of the Petrof family
  • World-Class Concert Quality Piano
  • Perfect construction of the instruments
  • Used by renowned concert pianists and leading music colleges throughout the world