Rosler RD126 Upright Piano

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Gustav Rösler founded the piano-making workshop of the same name in 1878.

The RD series upright pianos are upgraded version of the R series pianos, and the RD series upright pianos have iron plate that is cast with higher precision.

Thanks to the high precision of the casting process, the RD series upright pianos have the same design as the PETROF’s classic honeycomb iron.

The design curves of the RD series upright pianos are smooth and beautiful.

The RD series upright pianos have these major technological advantages:

Positioning hole technology invented to ensure assembly accuracy, automatic friction stringer patent to improve pitch stability, Germany imported RöSLAU special high-grade strings, aluminum alloy solid wood multi-layer plate adjustment file, European cartridge type mute system, AAA  Spruce wood soundboard, high-quality solid color wood back frame structure, European traditional solid wood flap linkage system, bass string pillow button design, wood keyboard, keyboard cover safety descent.

Additional information

Dimensions 59 × 146.3 × 126 cm

236 Kg

What does it includes

1pc Adjustable Piano Bench, 1pc Piano Heater, 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty, 2pcs Piano Tunings within 1 Year, 1 Key Cloth, 1st Caster Cups, 1pc Piano Care Booklet, 1pc Delivery – Refer to Delivery Conditions

Delivery Conditions

1. Does not include delivery outside Klang Valley.
2. Strictly at ground level and/or without steps.

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