Ant Petrof

“My great-great-grandfather Antonín Petrof built his first grand piano in 1864. Much has changed since then, but the skill, care and innovatory spirit that go into our pianos have remained. In tribute to our founder we have created the ANT. PETROF premium brand” – Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová President of PETROF Group

In 1954, we founded our Department of Research and Development where we further perfect our instruments, and measure and fine tune every part of the piano that affects its acoustic properties. Our piano craftsmen hand down their skills from generation to generation, making PETROF one of the leading innovators in the piano making industry.

In November 2014, PETROF launched ANT. PETROF Premium Series on the occasion of the company’s 150th anniversary and in the honour of its founder Antonín Petrof, we broadened our PETROF Brand Family portfolio by adding the top premium brand ANT. PETROF. 

Under this name we produce concert instruments for the best players that embody the boldest dreams of the artist’s soul, and open the hearts of even the most critical audience.