Wendl & Lung

Wendl & Lung is a piano manufacturing company started in 1910 as a collaboration between Stefan Lung and Johann Wendl in Vienna, Austria. By 1926 the firm was producing over 1000 pianos and sold to Europe and Middle East region. After the Second World War the factory continues to prosper and became one of the most famous leading brands in the Austria music industry.

In 1959, Alexander Veletzky took over the Wendl & Lung factory. However, the struggling with increasing costs of operation, the factory concentrated on piano restoration from manufacturing until his retirement.

Peter Veletzky was born into the 4th generation of Wendl & Lung owners. At the age of 22, he became the Austria’s youngest piano master building. He took over the family-owned company in 1994. In 2003, he struck up a special friendship and began cooperation with Hailun Piano Company (then known as Ningbo Hailun Musical Instruments) in Ningbo, China.

In August 2003, Wendl & Lung 122 Universal was the first piano produced entirely at the Hailun Piano factory in China. In 2004, two new grand piano models were launched; the Professional I 161 and Professional II 178. In 2006, Denmark Royal family selected the Wendl & Lung for use in the Royal Palace.  In 2007 Wendl & Lung 123 upright piano (formerly 122 Universal) was honored with the prestigious “Diapason d’or” award in Paris. In 2008, Wendl & Lung 178 grand piano won the same category.

Today, Wendl & Lung produces 4 uprights pianos and 1 grand piano and trades in 5 continents and exports to over 65 countries the world over.