Since 1920, Wagner has been working with many piano manufacturers from Europe producing high performance quality pianos to music institutions, concert halls, professional and piano students.

To remain globally competitive a new partnership was created in 2004 with world-class Hailun piano company, one of the most modern production plants not only in China, but also in the world.

In 2005, Wagner launched the new H. Wagner “German Scale” series designed by a team of international piano designers from Europe, America and Asia in a separate production line in the Ningbo plant using the high-precision CNC machines.

The company regularly send technicians to oversee the production of each piano meets the European standard requirements.

The grands are designed with a wide tail, vertically laminated maple bridges. The H series uprights have a duplex scale, a European traditional wet sand plate and the soundboard materials are sourced from Austria and Russia. The bridge, multi-laminated pinblock and soundboard bracing are all made of quality hardwoods from Canada and Europe. The Roslau piano strings and the FFW Wurzen hammer felts are from Germany. All models come with a slow-close fallboard. The initial “H.” in H. Wagner stands in honour of partner, Dr. Hugh Wagner.

Today, Wagner pianos are among the industry’s most well designed, engineered, and well-crafted instruments and are known for its warm, rich, singing tone and for the variety of finishes. The production line consists of grands from 5’ to 9’ and uprights from 48” to 53”.

If you are looking for a new piano ideal for learning or for pleasure with an exceptional value Wagner is truly the right choice for you.

  • German Scale Design – A World-Class Musical Instruments
  • Warm rich European tone and responsive touch
  • Finest standards in design and experience
  • Highly praised by music teachers, technicians and musicians
  • Popular choice for beginners, intermediate levels and classical/pop/jazz music enthusiast
  • Used in world’s renowned examination boards (ABRSM, LCM, Trinity) and piano competitions