Weinbach WB128 Z3 Upright Piano

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With German roots, complemented with Czech musical traditions, an instrument has been created that sells throughout the world since 1893.

The Weinbach 128 Z3 is especially suitable for elementary music schools or as an accompanying instrument for singing and recitation. Thanks to its height, it has a very good sound potential and can serve well wherever the grand piano does not fit.

The Weinbach 128 Z3 is characterized by a taller cabinet and a larger acoustic element that creates a rich, powerful sound. The use of appropriate materials will ensure stable playing and interesting tone color that will delight even an experienced pianist.

The piano is manufactured by our foreign partner. Finishing operations, including inspection, tuning, and voicing, are performed by experienced PETROF employees.

The Weinbach 128 Z3 piano represents a great price-performance ratio. The warranty service of the instrument is provided by experts from the PETROF company.


Technical Information

Depth (mm) 593
Width (mm) 1466
Height (mm) 1277
Weight (kg) 217
Soundboard material Resonance spruce
Ribs (number, shape) 10, spherical
Pin block – material plywood
Wooden frame construction, material spruce, 3+2 posts
Cut off bar (corner cross rib) 1
Agraffes material – number brass, 88
Strings – material steel wire, copper winding
Hitching of plain strings double
Dampers – number 1 – 70
Action P.A.P.
Keyboard P.A.P.
Pedals left – Piano pedal, middle –
Muffler (moderator), right – Forte pedal
Castors yes
Hydraulic slow-close fallboard mech. yes


Additional information

Dimensions 59 × 146.3 × 128 cm

280 Kg

What does it includees

1pc Adjustable Piano Bench, 1pc Piano Heater, 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty, 2pcs Piano Tunings within 1 Year, 1 Key Cloth, 1st Caster Cups, 1pc Piano Care Booklet, 1pc Delivery – Refer to Delivery Conditions

Delivery Conditions

1. Does not include delivery outside Klang Valley.
2. Strictly at ground level and/or without steps.

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