Wagner HG151 Grand Piano

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Since 1920, Wagner has been working with many piano manufacturers from Europe producing high performance quality pianos to music institutions, concert halls, professional and piano students.

  • German Scale Design – A World-Class Musical Instruments
  • Warm rich European tone and responsive touch
  • Finest standards in design and experience
  • Highly praised by music teachers, technicians and musicians
  • Popular choice for beginners, intermediate levels and classical/pop/jazz music enthusiast
  • Used in world’s renowned examination boards (ABRSM, LCM, Trinity) and piano competitions
PLATE Wet sand cast
SOUNDBOARD All mountain spruce with 15 degree spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and flexibility
SOUNDBOARD AREA 1472 sq. in.
NO. 1 BASS STRING SPEAKING LENGTH 43.4 in. (110.2 cm)
PIN BLOCK Multi-laminate 18 layers quarter sawn maple
STRINGS German Röslau, duplex scale
RIBS  10 quarter sawn spruce
ACTION All-wood action European hornbeam
ACTION RAIL Aluminium with Hard maple core
HAMMERS Reinforced German quality FFW felt. Cold pressed felt hammers
INNER & OUTER RIMS Multi laminate maple
BRIDGES Hand notched maple
KEYS Spruce
KEYBED Multi-laminate poplar
LID Beveled & reinforced
PEDALS Solid brass; Soft—Sostenuto—Mute

Additional information

Dimensions 151 × 151 × 102 cm

322 Kg

What Does It Includes

1pc Adjustable Piano Bench, 1pc Piano Heater, 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty, 2pcs Piano Tunings within 1 Year, 1 Key Cloth, 1st Caster Cups, 1pc Piano Care Booklet, 1pc Delivery – Refer to Delivery Conditions

Delivery Conditions

1. Does not include delivery outside Klang Valley.
2. Strictly at ground level and/or without steps.

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